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Тема: Re: ASBCE вопросы
 Александр Пехотинский   [02 Sep 2020 10:15:46] Ответить


Если аккаунта нет, то вот:

SBCE: Multiple No Subscriber Flow Matched entries for blacklisted IP registration
SBCE Version :

Problem Clarification
Device Specific Settings -> DMZ Services -> Firewall -> SBCE -> Blacklist
Deny- "IP Address Range".

Customer has blacklisted the entire subnet in SBCE. But, in the SBCE incidents tab – they see multiple "No Subscriber Flow Matched entries".
So, when they blacklist the entire subnet, the attempts from source IP would just be dropped and not even make it this far ; but its still showing up in Incidents tab.

Issue in SBCE Software.
Jira : AURORA-16995 has been opened for this issue.

Run the command : iptables -t raw -S BLACKLIST and see if all show DROP. If yes, install a custom patch.

Before installing the patch, please delete the BLACKLIST rules for whole SUBNETS from GUI. No need to delete the rules for individual IP’s.
After installing the patch on both the SBCE in case of HA, the rules for the whole subnet can be added back.
You can validate if the rule is added or not with iptables -t raw -S BLACKLIST command.

Below are the patch installation instructions:
Дальше идет описание процедуры установки патча...

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